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passionfruit jelly

Lilikoi Jelly

Jelly is easy to make too! It just takes one more step.
First I wash and dry all my jars.
(in the dishwasher)
I place the lids and rings into a pot of
nearly boiling water.
I cut up my fruit.
Today it was lilikoi. (“Passionfruit”)
I always use lemons to keep the color bright.
Lemons also give a wonderful tanginess.
I used about 4 lemons for this batch.
I cut about twenty lilikoi in half.
I put them into my stainless steel pot.
Then I add water to cover them.
I bring it to a rolling boil
then turn it down to a medium boil for 15 minutes.
The lilikois are cooked now and the pulp
falls out making a beautiful golden yellow juice.
Sometimes it takes twenty minutes to achieve
the desired color.
I remove the skins using tongs
then strain the juice into a glass bowl.
To this juice I also add the juice of 4 lemons.
Then I squeeze the pulp out of about ten more
fresh cut lilikoi and add to the bowl.
The uncooked lilikoi give an amazing
fresh taste to the mixture.
Now I’m ready to measure exact amounts of juice
to go back into the pot and make jelly!
This batch had 8 cups of juice
including the lemons
that were squeezed into the mixture.
Now I add 8 tsp. of the calcium phospate water.
(1 tsp. per each cup of juice.)
This is the Pomona Pectin I mentioned in my Mango Jam post.
The calcium water keeps in the fridge for months.
Next I prepare my sugar pectin mixture.
I add 8 tsp. Pomona Pectin to my sugar.
(1 tsp. per each cup juice.)
I love the Pomona Pectin because
It makes all my jams and jellies
gel perfectly everytime
regardless of how much sugar.
This time I added 5 cups of sugar.
I stir the powdered pectin into the sugar
so it will dissolve easier into the juice.
Now I add the sugar/ pectin mixture to the juice
stirring as I add to dissolve it quickly,
before the juice comes to a boil.
As it comes to a rolling boil I prepare to skim
off all the foam into a cup.
It only needs to boil for 2 1/2 minutes.
If I let it boil too long 
I might deactivate the Pomona Pectin.
(The old -fashioned way I used to make jelly
was to bring equal amounts of juice
 and sugar to a rolling boil for 15 minutes.)
The new way is much nicer and
comes out perfect every time.
Once it gels I turn off the heat
and remove to the side.
I ladle into my jars
Then I must clean the rims with a paper towel
to make sure the seal will be tight.
Leave about a 1/2 inch space.
Now remove and dry the lids
which have been sitting
in the nearly boiling water until now.
Place the rubber seal top on jelly
and the rings on finger tight.
Now continue by placing all the jars into
the deep water bath to sterilize.
Cover the jars with at least 2 inches of water.
Then boil for a minimum of 5 minutes.
As I said in Mango Jam,
it takes about 15 minutes to bring
this large amount of water
to a boil, so put on the lid
to speed it up.
I usually boil for ten minutes
then turn off the heat
and relax,
You’re done.
(For now)
You can lift out with tongs and place on a towel
to rest while they set.
The jelly may take overnite to set.
The hot liquid must cool.
Don’t worry.
It always works with the Pomona Pectin.
After many batches I am happy to say
that I really have this down.
Everyone loves my jelly.
Now I have made several variations
which you may want to try.
So That’s it!
You can make a beautiful label.
I like to hand punch pretty scalloped edged
labels which I have printed then
punch holes and put grommets
to tie rustic raffia bands.
Some people place circles of fabric
over the tops of jars and tie with ribbon.
Next project!
Thanks for joining me while I prepared
Lilikoi Jelly.
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