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Esterita Austin Hand-Painted Quilt Class

Let’s talk about inspiration. I wanted to get back into my sewing and quilting. A friend on Facebook had shared her gorgeous Passionfruit Hawaiian quilt design and I had asked her to keep me posted on upcoming classes at The Maui Quilt Guild. Last week Esterita Austin presented Four Bowls and Spoons, a class using hand-dyed fabrics and batiks enhanced with paints to create quilt tops in a two-day class on Maui.  

Esterita has been published worldwide and also appeared on the Sally Jesse Rafael show.  


What an exciting way to jump start my creativity.   

The two-day workshop began with about a dozen women meeting and setting up our supplies on our own long tables.  

Setting up our supplies


Esterita provided the kit which included the pattern, transfer paper, misty fusible which was used to adhere the fabric and the parchment paper (used to iron inside of, to prevent the Misty fuse from ruining the iron or other materials).  


As you can see, Esterita had supplies available for purchase which are also available at her website. www.esteritaaustin.com She began with an introduction about herself and showed us the beautiful book, Under The Tuscan Sun, that had been created for her at the workshop she teaches in Italy. Fabulous story of cooking, quilting and dining in a villa for a week.  


She once taught in Spain to women that didn’t speak a word of English. All they needed to know was “Good” or “No way” in reference to whether or not a fabric would work. We laughed often at her witty comments and easy going teaching style.  


We used gorgeous Batiks and hand-dyed fabrics to compose our quilt tops. We layered stacks of beautiful fabrics then cut our first pattern piece to reveal an opening in which to lay over our fabric and visualize how the lights and darks would work most effectively. By flipping through the pile you could see which fabric popped.  


By cutting out sections and placing them back on the pattern, we were able to view what the finished piece would be. As we cut our shapes, we also cut a piece of Misty Fuse material and ironed the pieces within parchment paper to adhere.  


It was so exciting to watch everyone’s bowls appear. All the cut fabrics were placed on a black background fabric then fused with the hot iron to complete the project. Some of us added borders of stripes or complimenting batiks. I chose to create a mitered border and one of the girls, Shana helped me with that.  


Shana ironing her black background.  


Shana’s piece.  It’s amazing…  


Donna fusing her bowls onto the background.  

Day Two: We painted

After all the tops were assembled we watched Esterita demonstrate how she enhances the bowls to bring out the highlights and the darks to really make it pop.  We taped our quilt tops to the walls and everyone got to work painting on their own piece. What a wonderful sight to see all these ladies painting on quilts.  










My piece

This is my piece getting ready to be painted…and below is my piece painted…  



Now it’s time to take it to the sewing machine. I’ll post again when my quilt is complete.  

It was a  fabulous class.  


Be sure and check out the Maui Quilt Guild for upcoming classes and sign up for one. You don’t have to be a member to participate. Maybe  you are visiting and would like to enjoy meeting some really great women. I truly enjoyed this.  

~ Marilyn  



Four Bowls and Spoons Quilt Top

Esterita Austin Quilt Class on Maui

Beautiful Batiks were composed, cut and a fusible backing applied to adhere fabric to background.

Borders cut and Day Two we will miter the borders and paint to enhance lights and darks, then quilt.

Very enjoyable class…

Ben Franklin Crafts Kaahumanu

I have to thank everyone at Ben Franklin Crafts Ka’ahumanu for helping
me promote my business and for asking me if I could do a demo!

  Over 5 years ago when I first introduced Amaryllis of Hawaii Imaginations Poetry and Story, Del the manager of Ben Franklin Crafts asked me “Can You do a demo?” and I said “Sure, I can do a demo!”
Since then I created two more books Amaryllis of Hawaii Loves To Cook Recipes for Life and Amaryllis, Amaryllis How Does Your Garden Grow? “Organically, of Course!” at http://www.amaryllisofhawaii.com/
That is how I began painting my T-shirts again. I have taught classes at Ben Franklin Crafts about once a month on “How To Paint T-shirts in the watercolor style.” It has been great fun and I have found my niche in the craft store. I really feel at home. I also thank Trina, Julie and Paul who have scheduled the classes. Brenda Abe has been wonderful. Rhoda and Cameron and all the staff have been so kind. Thank you so much!
Joanna Paris we miss you!
  This is also a great place to meet other crafters. It is such a resource center. I follow Joy Shimabukuro on her show “Joy of Crafting” on OC16 our local station in Hawaii and now I can have it On Demand with my new HD cable box. Fabulous! For information contact bfctv@mvlhawaii.com or Go to Ben Franklin Hawaii  on line to see all the Stores, class schedules, craft club and sale info.
Ladonna Shatto
Teaching how to detail hand-painted  T-shirts
Everyone creates at least 3  beautiful T-shirts in the class
  I have taken classes myself to learn basic knitting from Lisa Louie and  a crystal bracelet class from Doreen Nakoa. Since that class my sister Pamela Jansen has made hundreds of bracelets and developed her own style.
 So again, Del, thank you for giving me a chance to introduce myself and my Amaryllis of Hawaii books at Ben Franklin Crafts! I wrote them to inspire young women and everyone to find their Joy in life as I have.
Thank you Joel Hisanaga the buyer based in Hilo at  Ben Franklin Crafts for introducing me to Del and the other Ben Franklin Craft Store managers back when I sent you 8 books and 8 t-shirts to give to the managers of all the Hawaii Stores way back when… Aloha!

Oh, and I have to mention I met one of my dearest friends Ruth Murata of the Maui Music Conservatory at Ben Franklin Crafts. She has taught me so much about card-making, stamping and turned me on to her love of crafting with paper. We Love Ben Franklin Crafts!

Lily painting a gorgeous T-shirt

for seeing my tweet on Valentine’s Day about “I’m teaching How to Paint on tees 12-2 today at Ben Franklin Crafts. Bring 3 white cotton tees. I’ll show you how to paint for life”
Her daughter Lily painting a plumeria tee.
I was so surprised at how easily the girls picked up my technique which I developed over twenty-five years.
They were relaxed and we had fun which is how it should be.
I showed them how to paint Plumerias, Orchids, Roses and the wave…
Many people stopped by to observe and it was a lot of fun teaching the public on Maui.
Our island is such a great place to live, work and play.
Thanks again Dania,
and your magazine is gorgeous!
Aloha ♥

Art Sale Today at UpCountry Fine Arts

Art Sale today Saturday September 19, 2009 at Up-Country Fine Arts!
In case you didn’t know, there is a beautiful little fine art store conveniently located in Makawao town. I love to stop by for paints and paper often when I am doing my business at the Makawao Post Office or library.
The owners Peter and Pamela Neswald are extremely knowledgable about all their products and are very generous with that knowledge.
Pam and Peter also love to paint and you can sometimes catch Peter playing guitar outside the store or doing a demo on canvas. Peter is also a scientist.
I love these golden paints and products. The pigments are incredible. I use them for painting on tees in the watercolor style with the fabric painting medium added to the acrylics. A little bit of golden goes a long way for me.
They carry all the high quality paints, canvases and brushes and you’ll be surprised to find 25-50% off everything in the store today as they celebrate their second anniversary of being open in Makawao.
For so many artists and students, it is a great place to get stocked up on supplies. Students up-country at Seabury Hall will enjoy these discounts today.
Some of Pam’s Surfer girl art.
So stop by today for some great deals on canvases, paints and brushes in Makawao Town at Up-Country Fine Arts and meet Pam! 🙂