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Hawaii Coffee News

MauiGrown Coffee

The first Maui Coffee Festival will take place this Saturday at The Shops at Wailea. The Maui Coffee Association together with the Maui County Farm Bureau have been planning this event for months.
Greg Stille, president of the Maui Coffee Association and president of the Hawaii Coffee Association says there will be tents near the fountain featuring coffee plants, coffee roasting and tasting of the winning Maui coffee growers from the Hawaii Coffee Association event which took place at the Maui Tropical Plantation in July.
This is an exciting and challenging time for coffee in Hawaii. MauiGrown is emerging as a world-renowned coffee just as Kona is fighting the coffee borer which has destroyed over thirty percent of their crops. Essential measures must be taken to destroy the coffee borers and also prevent the spread to other islands. This involves diligent removal of coffee cherries falling to the ground and incineration of them. The coffee borer gets into the cherries and can lay eggs and multiply creating a disaster for our agriculture industry. In discussions with James “Kimo” Falconer, of MauiGrown Coffee, Greg said they have talked about the need to treat trees with an anti-fungal product which the coffee borer doesn’t like and also getting to the wild trees deep in the valleys which is a mind boggling task.
Greg said it was difficult to get Maui Coffee Farmers to open up their farms to visitors during the recent event due to fear of spreading the bug. Currently, anyone who has visited a Kona Coffee Farm must remove that clothing before traveling. He held a welcoming event at their two acre organic coffee farm Piliani Kope Farm in Launiupoko.
Greg has traveled to Kona for the monthly meetings as well as twice a month to Honolulu to participate at the legislature in the communication on Ag House Bill 280 (the self certification bill)
and a bill to prevent Ag theft and Ag counterfeiting. There’s a lot in the works and please follow Maui Country Farm Tours for all the exciting events to come. They’re hoping to have monthly events about coffee including students, pastry chefs, bringing food and agriculture to the forefront of Maui Tourism.
If you want to learn and taste some of the most delicious coffee on the planet come to Wailea, Saturday August 4, 2012.


See http://www.mauiweekly.com/page/content.detail/id/510090.html


My Orchids Today

Surprise surprise

I come home to find many orchids…


Catalayas, phaleonopsis and dendrobium all in bloom…

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Marilyn Jansen Lopes

Cacao Pods @PilianiKopeFarm

Did someone say chocolate?

Cacao at Piliani Kope Farm…

Marilyn Jansen Lopes
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Awesome Day For A Farm Tour

Amazing day Up-Country Maui

Started in Paia, Ho’okipa… Back roads

Ulupalakua, Maui’s Winery, Kenaio…

Wow, was so windy that side gusting 40 plus mph…Wild and beautiful.

Met Paula Fuga at AKL Maui…

Awesome walking tour w Harrison
Surfing Goat Dairy w Loc (He’s good)
Delicious flight of cheese.

Pineapples, mango, apple bananas …
Pineapple wines… Raspberry dessert wine…

Lavender tea and scones for later…

A delicious day on Maui.

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Marilyn Jansen Lopes

Yesterday… on Maui

Maui No Ka Oi
Maui da best

Wish you were here…

Under The Acacia Tree

So relaxing in old Puunene, Maui


Marilyn Jansen Lopes

Kula Country Farms

Easy Painting on Tees ((it’s happening))

My DVD is finally complete.
Sarah Webb, a friend of Judi Riley did the work of formatting my movie into chapters. She did an excellent job.
Now you can skip around if you like from the intro to “Painting Roses” or “How to Detail” with ease.

I’m excited to share with you. I’ll have it up on the web-site soon.

You can pick one up at my Maui Open Studio this weekend Feb 12 & 13.

ūüôā It’s a really exciting time on the island of Maui, folks…

~Aloha and hope to see you…

Beautiful Ho’okipa (In case you missed this) …

Esterita Austin Hand-Painted Quilt Class

Let’s talk about inspiration. I wanted to get back into my sewing and quilting. A friend on Facebook had shared her gorgeous Passionfruit Hawaiian quilt design and I had asked her to keep me posted on¬†upcoming classes at The Maui Quilt Guild.¬†Last week Esterita Austin presented Four Bowls and Spoons, a class using hand-dyed fabrics and batiks enhanced with paints to create quilt tops in a two-day class¬†on Maui.¬†¬†

Esterita has been published worldwide and also appeared on the Sally Jesse Rafael show.  


What an exciting way to jump start my creativity.   

The two-day workshop began with about a dozen women meeting and setting up our supplies on our own long tables.  

Setting up our supplies


Esterita provided the kit which included the pattern, transfer paper, misty fusible which was used to adhere the fabric and the parchment paper (used to iron inside of, to prevent the Misty fuse from ruining the iron or other materials).  


As you can see, Esterita had supplies available for purchase which are also available at her website. www.esteritaaustin.com She began with an introduction about herself and showed us the beautiful book, Under The Tuscan Sun, that had been created for her at the workshop she teaches in Italy. Fabulous story of cooking, quilting and dining in a villa for a week.  


She once taught in Spain to women that didn’t speak a word of English. All they needed to know was “Good” or “No way” in reference to whether or not a fabric would work. We laughed often at her witty comments and easy going teaching style.¬†¬†


We used gorgeous Batiks and hand-dyed fabrics to compose our quilt tops. We layered stacks of beautiful fabrics then cut our first pattern piece to reveal an opening in which to lay over our fabric and visualize how the lights and darks would work most effectively. By flipping through the pile you could see which fabric popped.  


By cutting out sections and placing them back on the pattern, we were able to view what the finished piece would be. As we cut our shapes, we also cut a piece of Misty Fuse material and ironed the pieces within parchment paper to adhere.  


It was so exciting to watch everyone’s bowls appear. All the¬†cut fabrics were placed on a black background fabric then fused with the hot iron to complete the project. Some of us added borders of stripes or complimenting batiks. I chose to create a mitered border and one of the girls, Shana helped me with that.¬†¬†


Shana ironing her black background.  


Shana’s piece. ¬†It’s amazing…¬†¬†


Donna fusing her bowls onto the background.  

Day Two: We painted

After all the tops were assembled we watched Esterita demonstrate how she enhances the bowls to bring out the highlights and the darks to really make it pop.  We taped our quilt tops to the walls and everyone got to work painting on their own piece. What a wonderful sight to see all these ladies painting on quilts.  










My piece

This is my piece getting ready to be painted…and below is my piece painted…¬†¬†



Now it’s time to take it to the sewing machine. I’ll post again when my quilt is complete.¬†¬†

It was a  fabulous class.  


Be sure and check out the Maui Quilt Guild for upcoming classes and sign up for one. You don’t have to be a member to participate. Maybe¬† you are visiting and would like to enjoy meeting some really great women. I truly enjoyed this.¬†¬†

~ Marilyn