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Wai`anapanapa photos

Even Hawaii people need a get-away! Wai`anapanapa Hana, Maui

    Wai`anapanapa is the place we love to go to get away from it all. As you can see it is a wild and beautiful place. Ancient Lau Hala trees grow thickly and look almost prehistoric. You can imagine what the land may have looked like before humans set foot on the island. Coconut palms are also native which means they were here before man. They easily floated on the ocean and took root at the coastline.
  This gorgeous bay at Wai`anapanapa State Park near Hana, Maui attracts tourists every day. Vans and buses drop the visitors off at the end of the state park so they can walk the trails and take photographs of the magnificent park. The black sand beach is in the distance.
Some more adventurous choose to walk the trail along the cliffs to view the fantastic surf crashing along the lava and the blow hole spraying high into the air.
These are some of my favorite pictures.
When you come to Maui be sure to take the long journey to Hana. It is a touch of old Hawaii and worth the drive. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
ALOHA for now,
The Artful Hawaiigirl 
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http://www.amaryllisofhawaii.com/  The Amaryllis of Hawaii series is all about how to make a dream come true. I wanted to help people who had forgotten how to dream and how to be happy by sharing my joy of life and love of Hawaii.
   If you know someone who needs a little inspiration or is going through some struggle in life, I’d love to share my enthusiasm for these islands and a joy of cooking and planting that can bring a lifetime of happiness to them. Many young people are searching for their passion and I encourage you to try many things to find what you love. Work hard to pursue your dreams always keeping a vision of you want in your mind. It is only with a vision and believing in yourself that your dreams can come true!
Sending Aloha and love your way…

Ten Things I Love About Maui

Ten Things I Love About Maui:

• Tradewinds: They blow the air so clean! This is always soothing and refreshing to my spirit.

• Clouds: Maui has the most amazing clouds.

They move quickly taking on magnificent shapes in the sky and by mid afternoon daily there are always clouds heading up Haleakala! (Our mountain)

• The Lifestyle: Maui is rural, it’s country it’s about the ocean and fishing and all the activities of the sea.

• The food: Surrounded by the sea in the most isolated group of islands in the world is special enough but Maui feels like a hot spot in the universe for gourmet Pacific Rim Cuisine. Chefs abound. We have the freshest fish and fresh vegetables and herbs are grown year round in the rich volcanic soil and cool air of the mountain.

• The People are so kind!

Wherever I go from the Post Office to the grocery store people take the time to be genuinely kind. It is very comforting to be treated this way wherever I go on Maui.

• Hana is a touch of old Hawaii. I worked as a nurse for two and a half years in Hana by the sea. I felt a true sense of belonging here because of the friendliness of the people. Within two weeks people were calling me by my first name at Hasegawa’s store.

• The Beauty is found wherever you go on Maui!

Just look up into the sky or out to sea or into a deep valley at Iao in the West Maui Mountains. Long stretches of land with no houses calm the nerves and green sugar cane goes on for miles and miles.

• Tropical plants and flowers are amazing. I love growing my own bananas, papayas and lilikoi (passion-fruit) vines. Everything is so available at The Maui Swap Meet and open markets on Maui.

• Maui is small but yet it feels spacious. There is room to breathe. The small town feeling makes it comfortable and the proximity of everything makes life simple.

• Maui has some of the most beautiful beaches. There is so much variety from white sand to black sand and the red sand beach.

 • Elegant Resorts: One can visit the most elegant resorts minutes away then return to the down to earth lifestyle of Maui having experienced the best of both worlds in Hawaii.

Just some of the things I love about Maui
Everyday I love it more, the relaxed feeling I remember when I first fell in love with Maui back in 1973 is still here with me. Though life speeded up and the island has changed, when I sit still and feel the breeze, let my cares go, and take in the amazing energy that is Maui I thank God for allowing me to live in such a beautiful place!
Aloha friends,
~ Marilyn
The Artful Hawaiigirl
If you haven’t visited lately make a plan to come to Maui.
Those of you who live here, Aloha fellow islanders.
Inspiring You To Make Dreams Come True…

Thai Coconut-Lemongrass Soup

    Ever get a craving for something hot and spicy, rich and delicious too? If you love Thai food you will want to make this in your own home.
   I learned this exotic but easy Thai Coconut Lemongrass preparation from a friend.
I had stopped by their home for a moment and the aromatics were incredible!
  The coconut soup was being ladled into bowls and I was gifted with a take out container of this soup to try on my break later. It’s a heavenly, rich, heady concoction and I had to know how to make it!
My friend gave me the recipe from their Thai cookbook and I changed it to what is available.
In my book below I mention the recipe here:
    I start the day before by cooking a whole chicken in boiling water brought down to a simmer for about and hour and a half. To season that broth I always start with garlic, onion, celery and carrots chopped up and added to the water with the chicken. I add my salt and pepper during the second seasoning when I remove the bones to the side.
  This time I added a few star anise to the broth as well as a few cloves like I do in Vietnamese Pho. When the wonderful chicken broth is ready, I serve some, then bring down the heat with ice cubes to chill it for the next day.
 Now I prepare my green chile paste.
I used about 8 jalapenos, lots of fresh ginger (about 4 oz..), 3 lemongrass stalks, 6 cloves garlic,
3 TBSP. vegetable oil, 2 TBSP. sugar, 3 TBSP. fish sauce, zest of three limes and
squeeze the fresh limes into the paste.  (I did not have my kefir lime leaves.)
  I used to have a tree but we lost it.
So this substitution was fine.
   As you see I chopped up my ginger and lemongrass and carefully cut in half and seeded my chiles.Then I pop it all into the food processor for a grind. In the past I had ground it much finer in a small grinder but this rough chop (pulsed for a couple minutes) was fine.
   I add about 3 TBSP. of the green chile paste to 2 TBSP. hot vegetable oil to get the aromatics going. It smells incredible. Don’t inhale those chiles, though.
  Also be very careful not to touch your eyes or face. If necessary you can wear gloves to handle the chiles. I just use caution and the pointy sharp blade of a steak knife to get out the seeds.
   Once you get the aromatics going get your tofu and shrimp into the pot to brown in that green chile paste for a couple of minutes.
    My favorite shrimps are the tail on deveined ones in the 21-25 count. (big ones).
This time I had some small ones. (too small.) Cube the tofu before adding to the pot.
Next add 4-6 cups of the chicken broth prepared earlier. I added some of the white meat also.
  Next I add two cans of unsweetened coconut milk.
   I am ready to taste!
MMMmmmm  woooh, this is sooo ONO! I added more chile paste than usual so on a
scale of 1-5 based on hotness, I guess this one is a 4. But it’s ok for my husband and I. We
like it spicy. I won’t let my mother-in-law try this one. Not for the sensitive ones.

   Garnish with bean sprouts, mint, or thai basil.
   I also slivered a few green onion pieces for color.
Hope you try this one. You will love it.
Aloha and thanks for reading. Pad Thai is another favorite I will prepare soon. I do that
even at the cabins at Wai`anapanapa on one burner sometimes. It’s really easy too!
Feel free to ask me any questions by leaving a comment.  Here’s some beautiful pictures of Wai`anapanapa State Park in Hana, Maui, Hawaii. This is one of my very favorite places on Maui. It is wild and beautiful and really Hawaiian.
              The Black Sand Beach Waianapanapa
       The view from Cabin five.

That’s all!

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