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basil-mayo salmon

Wild Alaskan Basil-Mayo Salmon Yum!

Savory sweet succulent wild Alaskan salmon is so delicious! We prepare it often at home. Once on a visit to Seattle I learned to bake salmon with mayonnaise to keep it delicious and moist. We had also wrapped it tight in foil.
I have elaborated on this for many years by adding either a chiffonade of fresh basil which I grow or dried basil which is always available.
As you can see in my ingredients, I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (evoo) and Balsamic Vinegar which carmelizes to a sweet wonderful flavor and makes it luscious with the mayonnaise sealing in the herbs and bread crumbs on top to give it a nice texture.
First I cut up the salmon in to individual portions about two & 1/2 inches wide. Then I sprinkle with salt and pepper and crushed fresh garlic flakes. I also use dried garlic-parsely flakes and sometimes leave out the fresh garlic.
I drizzle with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Balsamic vinegar now, and spread some tablespoons of mayo on and this time I have added huge mushroom slices which I decided to dot with butter, garlic and then drizzle with more olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Oooh, yes this turned out wonderful.
Last but not least I sprinkle on Italian Bread crumbs to give more delicious flavor and texture.
I bake at 400 degrees for about twenty minutes or until the salmon is perfect. 
This time I served with big slices of fresh Hawaiian mango.
Steamed white rice, broccoli, asparagus or any green salad is wonderful with my basil mayo baked salmon.
Here’s my cookbook layout for Basil Mayo Salmon Filets Dinner for two!
Click on it for the large view.
Hope you try it soon and make it one of your recipes for life! It’s so easy.
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Above all have fun. Life is so short we must live with a passion, that’s what I do. And remember to smile 🙂