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Hand-Made Cards completed

Today I wrapped up over 200 gift cards.

These were created exclusively for the Lavender Farm.
Alii Kula Lavender Maui

I enjoyed making each one. There’s something about hand-made that feels so country and relaxed in this busy technological world.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my devices
but I long to slow down daily and this takes me to that soothing place.

See them in the boutique at AKL Maui

I’m so happy…

808 283-9131

Marilyn Jansen Lopes


Detail of Hawaiian Red Ginger Quilting

Red Ginger pillow will be a gift to my niece Chantelle. Shhhhh don’t
tell. Since I left off on this one, she graduated from Hawaii Pacific,
got married, had two children and got her Masters Degree in education.
We are so proud of Chantelle.

Hawaiian Quilt Pattern

Red Ginger Hawaiian Quilt pillow is the last of about 24 pillows
completed during 1999-2002. For some reason life got crazy over the
last eight years.
Now, taking over where I left off and sewing brings so much comfort to
my soul and spirit. A little each day calms the nerves and centers the
mind to accomplish all those other busy tasks!