A Passion for Maui and making every day a work of art

My Plants thriving on Maui

My drought resistant garden in the shade…

Most of my plants are from cuttings. Many were small houseplants that multiplied like crazy when planted in the earth. I find plants love it much better in the soil than in tight plastic pots. Orchids however, I keep potted in a porous medium of bark, hapu’u fern and gravel. They need good drainage.
I will eventually have hapu’u (tree ferns) to which I can attach orchids and they’ll thrive.
Bromeliads and certain orchids (epiphytes) are like air plants and are found in the rain forests attached to trees way up high…
The tropical Up-Country environment is perfect for plants and truly a dream come true for a planter like me.

*•*•*Love to plant*•*•*


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