A Passion for Maui and making every day a work of art

Viewpoints Gallery Makawao

Beautiful painting by Robena.

  Robena paints huge canvases for over thirty years.
Originally, I was introduced to her work in Kihei,
Maui where her large scale celebrity portrait work
was displayed at Kai Ku Ono and Kihei Prime Rib
as well as her mural of local residents above the
produce at Hawaiian Moons Health Foods.
  Now her canvases includes gigantic soft oceans,
waterscapes, waterfalls, undersea corals, amenones,
big gardenias and still lifes.
  They emote beauty, relaxation, calmness
and energy of Maui.

Viewpoints Gallery is located at
The Courtyard in Makawao
3620 Baldwin Ave. Suite 101
Maui, Hawaii 96768
808 572-5979

Tuesday-Saturday 10-6

Peter Rehfuss
Art Consultant

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