A Passion for Maui and making every day a work of art

Maui Swap Meet and The Whale Festival 2/20/2010

This is Hapa girl “Noel” daughter of Liza @AMauiBlog holding my Maui
Kitty Design! She is so pretty.

Thank you Liza, for introducing me to your subscribers at A Maui Blog! I will be creating a Maui Swap Meet Post soon and The Whale Festival (2/20/2010) Saturday will be great fun. I look forward to seeing all the Maui tweeters at your mobile #MauiTweetup. I will be in Booth number 91 selling my hand-painted tees

and Amaryllis of Hawaii books,

Judi of @tikitales and Maile Getzen will be in Booth # 78 by the ocean and kiddy carnival side.
 For more info about the Whale Festival go to http://www.pacificwhale.org/ . It is going to be a Big Day with more than 14,000 visitors passing through after the parade in Kihei. Last year was awesome fun.

See you there, and  Happy Chinese New Year everybody.


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